Need Prayer and Wisdom 24th May 2012

Hi all, Thanks for your prayers. Today was a strange day with 8 people attending Bible study and another person, whom I knew, I grabbed on the street to bring in, stayed for lunch but had to leave for a solicitors appointment. As it was raining I rang one lady to see if she needed a lift. She was angry at me saying that we ignored her on Tuesday night. She said everyone else there was important but not me. I disagreed with her and said why would I be ringing you for a lift if I did not consider you to be important. I apologised to her profusely and she changed her mind and decided to come and I picked her up. Another lady also attended who had not been for 2 months. She said she has been unwell physically and mentally and was glad to be back. A new lady also attended who had neither been before nor had I met her before. She was advised to come through someone else. She says she believes, pray she will return. The person I chased after on Crown St thought that she might not be welcome anymore. This was due to our last phone conversation where she was very angry and hung up on me. I reassured her she is always welcome despite anything that transpires in between. She came in and immediately apologised to a lady for an incident that occurred a couple of weeks ago. Praise God. The apology was grudgingly accepted. Bible study went well I think with most people participating. Helpers today were Derek, Ann and my wife Lisa. I would ask that you pray for wisdom for me for two familes related to each other and living next door to each other in Surry Hills. They are having experiencing many problems. Anyway I visited them both after Bible group today. Pray that I might be a good witness to them and be able to have wisdom in my conversation to them. I met them door knocking a few years ago and have been visiting and praying with them ever since. Thanks Michael

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