God’s Grace Thursday 17th October 2013

God’s Grace
It was an
interesting day today with 4 women arriving at 12 to attend today’s meeting (we
don’t start unitil 1pn). Another woman also attended as well as a couple of
guys who had not been for a year. Hence there were 5 new people. God was
gracious as many regulars were away today. Which menat with the extra people we
would have enough food.  However this
meant that 13 people still came through our doors
3 of the
women did not stay for Bible discussion. Most were staying in women’s refuges.
One of the
ladies who did stay though spoke to me after and was interested on meeting me
on Sunday for Bible study. Please pray she will attend. She also had with her
two children who were so well behaved I could carry on with our meeting as
normal. Again praise God for His grace.
Please pray
also that the regulars will return as well.
I was also
fortunate to have Ann , Margaret and Thomas as helpers. Another lady from
another function on at Church today also helped me out before Ann , Margaret
and Thomas arrived.
Praise God
again for His grace.
Thanks you
for your prayers


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