God the Provider Thursday 19th june

Hi everyone,
Thanks for
your prayers. Today we had a number of regulars away but even so 10 people came
through our doors to attend Bible
It was a relatively peaceful day with people participating freely. There
were also 3 guys ( apart from the 10 who attended Bible study) who came in
earlier looking to have lunch but they were an hour early and when I told them
this coupled with the fact that  we have
lunch then Bible study and prayer, they were not so keen and left.
continue to pray for the group and those who attend. Pray that God’s word may
transform their lives.
Praise point and thanks to God who
I have  been
working most of the week to find someone accommodation for a regular to
Thursday Bible study and Sunday service at the Lodge. God was gracious and I managed
to contact a couple of places which sounded suitable for her. After Bible study
I took her to see a place and she was very happy with it and snapped it up
immediately. I thought she may have been able to wait for something a little
cheaper and larger
but she was happy to take it there and then.
However  it is a great location for her. She
also says it is much better than where she was.
Pray that she will be grateful to our God who provides abundantly.

Thank God for his provision

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