Christmas Day 2012

The day before Christmas day and Christmas Day were extremely busy.

On the Saturday I helped organise and unload two truck loads of presents into the rooms in CPC. This went well and we started at 9.15am and finished around 1.00pm.
On Christmas day I met with the volunteers from the Salvation Army at 9.00am and we went through what the day would hold and what we were supposed to do.
I think something like around 160 people children and parents possibly more came through to collect presents.
Thanks to Lisa (my wife), Derek, Philip, Becky and Danny (all from CPC) and Der-Ming(from CPC) and his family and Lei and Fiona (from WSCCC) whose help on the day was immeasurable.
Childrens two ways to live and lollies were handed out to people who queued to collect presents.
At the end of the day we had about one truck load of presents left which we then loaded on the Salvation army truck.
We finished cleaning up around 4.15 pm
Thank you everyone for your support and prayers

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