Back from Holidays


Hi everyone

After two weeks away and Bible study in recess one might think that first Bible study back would be a little slow frist week back.This was not the case I had to bring two people in who contacted me and one stayed at my place last night.

Today 12 people passed through our doors. One guy had not been before but unfortunately did not stay for Bible study.

However there were at least  two who were quite manic and had not taken their medication.

This made it hard to manage Bible study as multiple conversations and talking was occurring all at once.

God was gracious and we did manage to get through the study and read God’s word together. Whether anyone learnt something, well that’s another matter which we’ll leave in God’s hands.

Late this afternoon I tried to visit a guy, who I have been seeing regularly, he has with terminal cancer. Unfortunately he ended up being asleep and tired from his recent chemo.

Please pray for recovery of his energy levels.

Thanks for your prayers and support


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