An almost Peaceful day 21st August 2014

11 people came through the doors to participate in Bible study. This was not
including another guy who came in when we had finished. Although it was good to
see this man as he has not been for about one month.
everyone had participated well in Bible study except for one guy, whom I have
known for at least a few years.  He is  quite a big and tall man and was not going
well  mentally today. Near the end of the
day, he became exceptionally rude, swearing and threatening to harm people
verbally. Unfortunately people responded to his verbal attacks which is what he
wanted and this escalated an already volatile situation. God was indeed
gracious and I was able to separate him from the others and get them to leave.
After this he finally left continuing the verbal abuse and threats. If he does
attend next week which I doubt, he will need to apologise and treat people
respectfully or he will have to leave with or without police escort.
pray for him and pray about next Thursday’s Bible study.
is clear even on a good day, when all is travelling peacefully the unexpected can
continue to pray for the group and people who attend.
for their mental state and that God’s word will transform their lives.


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