A Busy day. Thursday 28th Feb 2013

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your prayers!
Today we had a lot of people return so 13 people
attended Bible study. This is not including myself, my wife and two other
faithful helpers. We also had communion. Unfortunately from Tuesday nights
invitations a few who were expected rl did not show. Although whilst waiting
outside of Church I saw one fellow  from
Tuesday night and dragged him in. He was happy to attend.
Unfortunately also one fellow got upset at something
before we began and left. He comes every week and is a believer and a nice guy,
so please pray whatever happens will get sorted out.
Please commit this situation to God.
My wife drove me in and home and cooked lunch for the
group today. I am thankful for her support and commitment. As well as the support of our other 2 helpers Margaret and Ann.
If anyone would like to visit Thursday’s group
anytime when you are free, feel welcomed to attend.
Thanks again for your support

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