28th May Thursday 2015

13 people came through our doors. One new guy came today, he attended due to  Tuesday night’s invitations. He stayed the whole
time even participated and asked questions. We did have an earlier altercation
between a couple of regulars and so I made one of them sit apart from the
other. Apart from this everyone was fairly lively today and willing to
participate in Bible study.
also had one other new person attend today. I had met her in the city at Wesley
centre. She is in a wheel chair. I was very encouraged that she managed to
navigate her way to Bible study today.
was quite hectic today with 13 people, however God was gracious and we were
able to study God’s word together and have communion as well.
continue to pray for the group and that those who attend will be in a good
state of mind and heart ready to receive God’s word.


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